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Logistics is a wholesome but often, complicated process. There are multiple moving pieces to keep track of. Receiving incoming shipments, stocking, tracking inventory, managing outgoing shipments are all quite the chores. Add other order fulfillment tasks like order picking, packaging and shipping out those orders. After the orders are processed, you can be certain to deal with returns, refunds etc.

To be successful, you also need some competitive advantages that will help make your business standout from the competitions.

E-commerce is no longer in its infancy, rather it’s approaching maturity. Online shopping is the new norm. Businesses need to adapt to changing retail environment and they need to adapt fast.

Express Destination can help you provide the edge you need to stay ahead of your competitions and meet customer expectations.

Broadly speaking, if you sell products, you must worry about inventory, storage etc. Which means you need additional staff, facility, overhead, maintenance cost, insurance and more. All these costs will add up quickly and you’ll find more expenses in the horizon when you’ll need temperature-controlled storage units, arrange staff training for compliance with OSHA and other such regulatory agencies.

Now, you can either bear the astronomical cost yourself or choose us to handle all these tasks on your behalf for a fraction of the cost. We have the resources, staff, facilities, and equipment already in place. We do it better than anyone else and we do it for a fraction of the cost.


Incoming shipments are thoroughly inspected by our staff as soon as the deliveries are made. We affix our barcode labels to each product and scan every product into our inventory management system. As soon as products are scanned in, you’ll receive real-time arrival notifications. If we find damaged or missing items, you will be notified immediately.


Our barcode scanning, and inventory management system enable us to keep track of our inventory level at all times. At any given time, we can provide real-time reports on inventory levels and expiration dates of products. We can also set alert on low stock levels, so we will receive updates as soon as an item reaches a certain level. Customer can then be notified that it is time to reorder products.


EDI is the optimum communication tool for logistics. It allows both us and customers to modify/change shipments in real-time, even when in transit. It is also the best communication tool out there in logistics world.


Drop shipping is a simple yet effective answer to space constraints when you have too much products in hand. If a vendor is running a huge sale and you want to take advantage of the lower pricing, drop shipping eliminates the concern about not having enough space to store additional inventory. With drop shipping, the carrier drops the shipment at our facility and we can unload it later or as storage become available. It also helps us increase productivity in our facilities because we can move tasks around to maximize our resources.


Another great feature of the barcode system is that immediately upon scanning the system will instruct staff if there’s any special handling and storage requirement associated with the product. So our staff knows when they are handling hazardous material or if a product needs to be stored in a climate-controlled unit. In addition, it adds or removes products from inventory as they are scanned as incoming or outgoing shipments. This is how we automate inventory tracking.


We accommodate customer requests for KPIs related to shipments, we can also arrange to accommodate their order fulfillment KPIs. Let us know what you need us to track and we will take care of it for you and present you with the data model, help train staff and interpret results.


You may have heard us mention our highly trained excellent customer service representatives once or twice. We handpicked each of our team members for their inherent desire to please and build our customers’ satisfaction. They are there to support YOU, anytime you may require assistance. We strive to ensure complete customer satisfaction in every department of our company. Customers are the reason we are who we are today! By treating every customer as if they were our only customer, providing them with undivided attention regardless of whether they spend thousands of dollars or just a dollar, we just don’t provide service – we provide an experience like no other. Every customer representative is easy to deal with and geared to be attentive to your needs.

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