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Order Fulfillment

Express Destination makes it a priority to do everything that can be done to protect our customers’ inventory particularly when it comes to packaging and shipping for order fulfillment. We realize our customers take a huge leap of faith to entrust us with their order fulfillment service. To protect outgoing packages, we deploy several methods to protect against damages during loading and transit. Let’s look at some of our practices that ensure package safety.

Air Bags

Loosely packed items are prone to damage during transit. Air bags can address this hazard and help safeguard items during transit. Air bags fill empty space and prevent articles from shifting within a package thus reducing chance of damage. Air bags also act as cushions during rough transit and help protect fragile items.

Registered Film and Shrink Wrapping

Smaller packages that are loaded on pallets for transit are shrink wrapped. This prevents items from shifting, damaging or falling off pallets. Film and shrink wrapping also helps packaging irregular shaped items that are hard to fit in regular boxes. Wrapping helps the content of a pallet in place and all the pieces are guaranteed as a unit.

Barcode Labeling

We include barcode in all our labels. A simple scan can reveal a large amount of data about the package and/or items helping our warehouse staff to efficiently process or route packages. A barcode takes up nominal real estate on a label yet can provide a plethora of information about the product: product information, SKU number, manufacturer information, storage instruction, stock level, expiration date and more. This not only helps make managing inventory easier; it also helps track packages at any stage of processing.

Heat Tunnel Processing

Heat tunneling is a similar process to shrink wrapping where smaller items or packages are combined and packaged into a larger unit. Just like shrink wrapping, this helps prevent shifting during transit. Heat tunneling works particularly well with odd shaped items that are hard to pack in regular boxes. After wrapping, the wrap is heated so it conforms the shape of the item wrapped. This is durable and secure and is a unique way of preparing items for transit.


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