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Customer Satisfaction

At Express Destination, we take great pride in our world-class customer service. We couldn’t be where we are today without satisfied customers. Our support staff go above and beyond on a daily basis to ensure customers are completely satisfied with the service we provide and what they are getting out of their respective subscriptions/plans. Our relationships with our customers are unique in nature and we strive to provide services that are tailored to each customer’s unique sets of needs. Our partnership and business success depend on each other. Without our customers, we cannot stay in this business and to ensure our customers are successful we are doing everything in our power to make them succeed in their respective businesses. Express Destination is regarded as the benchmark in logistics industry and our competitors use us as an example in their internal training documents. Most, if not all, our customers tend to stay with us for a long period of time.

Our customer service team has a knack for going above and beyond to make sure each customer is well taken care of. Feel free to call or contact our team anytime with questions, concerns or issues and we will make it right for you.

Our customers receive two dedicated customer service representatives to work with them exclusively. They work as a liaison between our organization and yours, they take the time to learn your business inside out, so they can offer custom solution to all your complex challenges. Having dedicated resources also ensures that they already have the background on your company, so you don’t have to over-explain or repeat yourself.

As we are growing, we are adding more businesses as our customers. We do very little marketing, yet our growth far outpaces any company in the industry. This speaks volume of the service we provide to our customers.

Our IT department is integrated with every facet of our business and closely monitors activity and security risks in real-time. In the rare occurrence of an issue or imminent breach or security threat, our experts detect, prevent and place a solution so our operations can continue without interruption or a compromise of any sort.

You can directly speak to one of our reps during regular business hours via phone and online chat. You can also email or fax them after hours and they will get back to you the next business day.


You may have heard us mention our highly trained excellent customer service representatives once or twice. We handpicked each of our team members for their inherent desire to please and build our customers’ satisfaction. They are there to support YOU, anytime you may require assistance. We strive to ensure complete customer satisfaction in every department of our company. Customers are the reason we are who we are today! By treating every customer as if they were our only customer, providing them with undivided attention regardless of whether they spend thousands of dollars or just a dollar, we just don’t provide service – we provide an experience like no other. Every customer representative is easy to deal with and geared to be attentive to your needs.

Working Hours:

Monday through Friday
from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM (Pacific Standard Time)

If you would need any additional information, please let us know.

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